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InTrain-In is a dynamic and innovative project in the world of training, consulting and business management.


Behavioral, Management and Consulting Training

InTrain-In deals with the design, delivery, monitoring and financing of innovative solutions in the field of behavioral and managerial training. Through the consultancy and planning of experienced and highly charismatic professionals, it is possible to follow the training process from the analysis of needs to the creation of the most suitable paths for the needs of client companies. Using innovative skills assessment, performance analysis software, certified coaches and senior trainers, InTrain-In guarantees the best results in terms of personalization, effectiveness and return of training interventions.

Conferenza aziendale

Language training 

Language training still occupies a prominent place in the analysis of the needs of many Italian companies. Through modern and innovative methodologies, InTrain-In provides class and individual courses with mother tongue and bilingual teachers, face-to-face courses and on a remote online platform with LMS access tracking. In fact, each path can include activities in presence with the teacher as well as material to be carried out in self-training (Blended), in the most widespread languages, used in the company environment. It is possible to provide courses with a fixed frequency, free booking courses, webinars, workshops and intensive courses in Italy and abroad, to maximize the immersive experience, thus bringing the course to the country where we want to learn the language for work.


Specialized Training

Specialized training designed specifically for companies. Through the advice of experts in the fields of IT, engineering, industrial product and process management, InTRAIN-In offers innovative solutions aimed at managing training needs in all transversal and non-transversal areas. From basic IT training to updating in the areas of maintenance, design and management control, it is possible to involve the entire company population in complex paths. Thanks to the design of interventions aimed at continuous improvement, through the management and implementation of the process with methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing , Office and Accounting,  it is possible to support companies with respect to training needs in the technical and specialist fields.

Piani di Ingegneria

Financed path management

The Interprofessional Funds, the European Social Fund, the Regional Funds and special funds such as the New Skills Fund represent the main financing channel for companies in the training of their staff. InTrain-In avails itself of the collaboration of consultants and expert partners for all the phases necessary to access the reimbursements provided in Italy through the use of these tools. InTrain-In assists and supports companies in the planning, presentation, delivery, monitoring and reporting phases of funded training projects. Our staff also carries out constant monitoring of the main funds in order to provide client companies with continuous updates on the most recent financing opportunities.


LMS Certified Training Platform

TeACH-In is the innovative online platform that allows training courses to be delivered both in synchronous mode (with the presence of the teacher) and in asynchronous mode (in self-learning), also providing LMS tracking through the reports of the videoconferencing platform.  (Microsoft TEAMS ™) and the use of learning objects (LOs) with SCORM protocol. This makes it possible to optimize the planning and delivery processes of the paths and to speed up the monitoring and collection of the essential data for certifying, and therefore reporting on, the paths in case of use of public funding or Interprofessional Funds. 

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