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Corporate training

InTrain-In is a training and business consulting company. Our services cover the entire process useful for the provision of training courses and business support, from the analysis of needs to the design, delivery, monitoring and reporting in case of use of inter-professional funds .

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Management Behavioral Training 

Business Consulting

Language training

Technical training

Security and Loan Management

Online Trading

The analysis of needs through tools, software and expert consultants to help companies in the definition of training courses, in the evaluation of talents and in the management of training gaps.

Call Us & Trade

The provision of the courses passes through the search for the best partners, the most expert and accredited trainers and the most innovative teaching methods. 

Trade at Our Office

The search for funding opportunities for paths and processes, through inter-professional funds and beyond. The planning, presentation, monitoring and reporting of all activities.

How It Works

Why choose us

Staff with over 20 years of experience

Software for booking management, blended learning, videoconferencing and LMS lesson tracking

Highly qualified and experienced teachers in the world of business training

Hundreds of courses provided, thousands of students trained

Innovative and stimulating learning methodologies, personalized paths and expert designers

Knowledge of all Interprofessional funds, certifications for managerial, technical and linguistic teaching

Training and Development

The management of training needs

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